I stop liking him once he likes me back?

I don't know why but so far I'll like really like a guy and then after a while he'll confess his feelings to me and we might start dating and then within a few days I don't like him anymore, I break up with them, cut off all relations, start liking a new guy, and the cycle starts over again. This is driving me crazy why am I like this?


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  • well...

    you need to get over your self


    and if this is the person who I think it is hey!

  • Is it possible you like them cause you can't have them or want to see if you can get them? Like sub consciously like the chase kinda thing... Not necessary the reason why, but I know I thought I liked a couple guys before and then didn't after I found out they were interested and that was what I figured I was doing...Hope that helps you figure it out.


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