Ex told me he wanted to be a thing again. What is he thinking?

so he told me (the ex) he told me he wanted to be a thing again... I told him to tell me that when he was sober... a week went by... no calls... texts... nothing! I told him exactly how felt in an email since that was the ONLY way I could get a hold of him... finally he tells me he doesn't want to wait in line for his chance with me... I'm not hurt about it... if he can't wait like I did... fine.. no sweat... what gets me is... he tells me this then doesn't call o anything then... on FB I comment on one of his posts and his baby momma posts... and I could understand if it were something that pertained to what his post was about... but tell him that she was on her way to pick him up and for him to bring extra undies... I mean really? I posted back w LOL and some random stuff I'm not going to get on her level... but y would he still try to pull a wool over my head? He is retarded and I know I'm done with him but come on... really?


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  • Are you glad you got that off your chest? lol...now, brush yourself off and start again! You're too young to be with a daddy anyway...go make some beautiful kids of your own with a guy who is sure of himself and what he wants!

    • Very true... and I am out there I really didn't stop or take myself out the dating scene... its just I didn't enderstand.. why he would say one thing and do another... boys will be boys I guess... but like I said I'm not hurt about it. ;) Thanks

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