Why do people cheat?

So today in class, I overheard a conversation a bunch of girls had. One girl said that she cheated on her boyfriend. She was smiling and so was everyone else. I don't get how that is funny at all. She isn't even loyal to him. Is cheating just a joke. I never been in a relationship before so I wouldn't know


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  • Out of time just now, here is a more detailed answer.

    This is a very valuable experience for you. Look at them and observe them very carefully when you get the chance, maybe far away, remember their looks, moves, attitudes, notice the commonalities ... these are the girls you DON'T ever want to stick yourself anywhere near, nor be seduced/hooked by. Why?

    The girl who cheat and still are laughing, has deep psychological problems. It is the signed of a big/damaged ego. To her, people who are honest and open are fools. Being cunning and cheating honest people shows that she is smarter than them. The ego wants war. To the ego, no war=no pleasure. She is already a player, a manipulator. Next would be a professional con woman. Her kind of cheating is the worst kind, very insiduous, calculating very move, because it is designed to "kill". Meaning, she is the kind that studies other inside out, find their weakness, weak points, then aim to "kill", i.e. whatever the weak points of her opponent is, cheating is only one way to "kill", to "win the game". A whole life of miseries await her/her group.

    Causes for her mental sickness? Thousands of reasons. Maybe her father dumped her mother/& her, and her full of hatred mother brainwashed her with "all men are no good, go trash them all, do the revenge for me, and for yourself" Or, her father is an egotist, and she learnt all the arrogance from him. Her ego just need a war, to win, to prove she is "smarter" than guys.

    Are there plenty of these people around? You bet. You witnessed a bunch already. How to protect yourself and never get involved with psychos like that? >>> link


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  • It's so stupid. It's dishonest and I don't know why people do it. For the record, I'd rather be broken up with than cheated on.

    • Why were they laughing though? like it was just a joke? is everyone like that or is it just tthat group

    • They think its funny and mischevious

  • When most mature women/men cheat they recognize its wrong and they usually feel guilty about it...only immature people sit around and laugh about stuff like that...But to answer your question, there are different reasons people cheat. One of the main reasons is because of lack of self control and desire to have something they can't, or because they are afraid of commitment...But to tell the truth, no one truly knows but the person that actually cheated themselves...

  • People cheat for many reasons.

    Sometimes it's because they're bored, they just want to see if they can get away with it, or they're born serial cheaters.

    Well if a guy went and told his mates he cheated all he's friends would be saying "hey good job mate, so give me the details" they don't see the implication on the other person's feelings.

    It's supposed to be cool I guess, I have no idea.

    The girls in your class find it funny because of immaturity and because the part of the brain that makes decisions, thinks about the future and understands consequences hasn't fully developed yet.

    But girls tend to mature pretty quickly, guys take about 20 years longer

    • If a guy cheats on his girl that's when we are no longer friends. loyalty is a requirement to be in my life

    • Well you seem like a stand up guy. Sadly many are not

    • Not so true, I've been emotionally at the age of an adult since the forth grade, ha, I was chatting up college chicks online, and it hurt them when I told them I was ten...

  • Sometimes I'd ask myself that "is cheating a joke." By those girls laughing it that statement they have trust issuses with their partner, they still have a childish mind of cheating, their bored, loss interset, their trying to prove a point to their boyfriend, or trying to get attention.

    To me cheating does not prove nothing expect the point that you can not stand up for self and expression your feelings as a women or men should.

    If you got that guts enough to ask somebody out and say yea or respond to their question, you should at least have the courage to tell somebody "you just want to be friends" that statement right their will get you far in life by telling your mate that.

  • You've gotta consider, that when you're eavesdropping ... you can easily take a conversation out of context. Some girls, for instance, joke that their vibrator is "BOB" (Battery Operated Boyfriend) and that having sex with a real live man is "cheating."

    Don't try to make judgements without knowing all the facts. 'Tis a dangerous pastime.


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  • "Is cheating just a joke"

    Would you want to be her boyfriend?

  • some people have no hobbies or much going for them so they create drama to feel that they are part of something real. that's it



  • Girls love the attention. Because they know regardless of if they cheat or not, there will still be a line of horny dudes waiting to stuff their box. They don't care. Their friends could care less about their relationships and may actually even encourage cheating if the right opportunity presents itself. That is because when friends get involved, they always think they know what you deserve and what will make you happy. Chicks also have the "I was drunk" excuse... Aw poor me, I was hammered and decided to be a whore.. well, since I didn't know what I was doing because I was drunk, I can always just say the guy took advantage of me so my boyfriend will take me back.. That is until the next time I decide to get drunk with my friends and be a whore.

    • Does that mean that any girl I will find will just think I'm another fish in the sea and worth nothing?

    • Pretty much man. Unless you are over 6'2", look like you belong in a fashion magazine, have a 6pack, 10" **** and make $200k+ a year.. you're sh*t in the water.

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