What do you think of this break up text?

I was in a sort of long distance relationship with a guy for 6 months and the last discussion we had, I asked him for phone calls instead of texts and to dedicate most of his Saturdays to me as we couldn't see each other quite often. When I saw he didn't want to see me mostly on the Saturdays I said "let's just see how it goes".
We then talked to each other as nothing happened but I ignored him when he took 1 day to reply to my text (and that was not the first time). He eventually texted me saying that we need to have a chat about us and I offered him to meet after work but he couldn't so he offered another day. He messaged me the day after to have a chat over the phone as I asked him to do so if he had something in particular to say. I didn't see his text and he sent me the one below:

"After our conversation last week and having tile ti think over the wend, I feel I'm not in a position to commit to a full relationship. I don't feel ready or in the right mind set to give you what you expect. I also felt it was more natural and fun before we got serious, without the expectations. Obviously call me at night if you want to talk about it. I'd rather be honest with you now though."

I never replied and he never reached out either. What do you think of it?
What do you think of this break up text?
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