There's an old saying, 'The broken are masters at mending'... Agree, disagree?

this is an old saying I like, because it reminds me of one of the things I believe I was put on Earth to do... help others... but this one is about you, what you might think about this saying and what it represents to you.. As always, tell it below.


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  • I like that saying as well, It intices to learn life through experience which is my own mantra. I think you can only be helpfull when you have been through a similar experience yourself and you can only help yourself when you been through that situation and you can see it about to happen again.

  • I totally agree. It also goes back to 'through pain you learn and grow'. Everyone that I know or have known in my life that had been hurt or broken in some way, seemed to be able to explain things better to me because they cared and understood it more, because they spent the time to think about it. When people are broken they seem to reflect on all the things that have happened to them, more so than people that just move on and forget.


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