He said he wants me back?

he said he wants me back I went to his house yesterday, and we kissed and did other stuff but not all the way, he wanted to but I said no cause we weren't even together yet.. and so I asked him

"what are we?", and he's like "well what do you wanna be?" and I said "i don't know..(obviously I want you back too idiot)" and he was saying how the first time we went out we just rushed through it and so he said that he wanted to take it slow and he said "give me some time"

but its not fair cause we did stuff, I did sh*t with him thinking that we would be together right after.. and now he says HE needs time.. and after his house I went to hang with my friends and he went to go hang with his, we were both high that night.

We usually text each other goodnight every night, but he never texted me last night and he still hasn't texted me today... I'm scared and paranoid. Guys and Girls please help, what should I do? what do you think? be 1000% honest!

btw, before tis we've been together for 11 months. and I still love him. so can anyone still help?


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  • Paranoia is always a horrible feeling and I know what you're going through. But truth is, it sounds like he just wants to get some and leave asap. It sounds like he doesn't want a commitment right now and just wants to be with friends.

    It's probably the best to move on right now. If a guy wants to date you, he WILL make that happen. Guys are easy to figure out and if he acts like he doesn't want you, he genuinely doesn't want you.

    Just think about how he's making you feel at the moment: scared, paranoid, sad, anxious, nervous, doubtful, ect. Do you really want a guy who makes you go through so much unnecessary emotions? Sweetheart, you deserve better and he's not worth it.

  • don't be so paranoid. If he likes you great, if not then move on. You're young. and if you think about it, there are plenty of others out there that would probably not play mind games with you. He says he likes you yet he wants time, sort of sounds like he is saying I like you but maybe I don't like you. So yeah that's what I would do is move on. And if someone really likes you, they would call you, email you, text you, and want to spend a lot of time with you and tell you they want you to be their girlfriend and no breaking up periode...


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