Why won't he text me back?

I like this guy and I'm pretty sure he likes me back. He always goes out of his way to walk to me and says he'll text me when he's going skateboarding if I want to come and when he has free time. He's in a frat so he's always busy. Most of the time he texts me back but other times he won't text me back for a few days. Also I'll text him and ask him when he wants to go skateboarding or hang out but then it never happens because he doesn't text me back. Why doesn't he text me back and does he really like me?

I forgot to mention that every time he sees me he has to give me a hug..not sure if it means anything.


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  • I can't honestly judge whether he's into you or not; but what I can say is that this scenario sounds very repititious.. I'll explain:

    Remember those repeat text messages from friends: "Hey what are you doing?".. then another of the same type.. and another.. and another.. eventually you stop responding to those sayings.. But on the rare occasion you might respond back.

    The way I'm feeling about the question is that you know a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to guys and ladies.. But it sounds like your only connection to him is either school or the skateboarding adventure.. Have you ever considered seeing if he's into something else? Fourwheeling / Camping / etc? Ask him some questions and learn about how he lives his life.

    Then afterward, you'll have more connections. Obviously you'll need to get him to talk to you, which is the real issue at hand because he's so flip-floppy, but I can't really say I know how to handle the scenario. Most times I hate being "teased" and then not fulfilled - so people that play these types of games to tug on my attraction strings, usually don't get too far with me.

    And yes, he is playing a game from my perspective; otherwise it would be a text one day, then when he stopped texting he wouldn't text you ever again - unless an exception occurs: He meets up with you in public and it sparks a window of opportunity; etc and so forth.. So I suppose you could logically piece-together that he's indifferent to you (doesn't really care about your reaction, but would like to hear from you)

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • To be really honest with you it sounds like he is not into you but wants to keep you on the back burner... sorry about that just being frank because I have done that before


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