Should I say something about my boyfriends ex?

My current boyfriend of three weeks left his girlfriend for me. But he’s texting his ex like he didn’t break up with her? I had his phone last night and after going through his text log with his ex it’s clear that she loved him a lot.
Also after going through his phone i see a lot of red flags. We met before Valentines Day , He broke up with her officially February 28th and he texted her on March 1st and 2nd the text said on both days (hey how’s your day going so far sweetie) but the red flag here is that also on March 1st and 2nd i saw him and we went out. Also i saw a text from last Saturday from him to her that text said “hey how are you doing” .
And they were talking this Wednesday and Thursday. He wanted to leave her because her family hated him but she loved him and it made being with her unbearable. During this time he met me and basically left her and we became a couple March 10th. We became a couple March 10th but she texted him trying to see and hang out with him the day before telling him she missed him and he said he missed her too
The day after we were officially in an exclusive relationship she messaged him first and said she missed him and he said he missed her too then proceeded to ask was she at work that day , he said he was in her department (I’m guessing he wanted to bump into her) (they work together by the way)
TL:DR; i don’t think he should talk to her even if it’s out of guilt. He chose who he wanted so he should not be associating with her. He’s acting like nothing happened between them
Should I say something about my boyfriends ex?
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