I went out with another guy because I thought that my relationship was over and he is mad?

He got mad at me because his friend (the guy I went out with) showed him the messages I sent him. So my ex.?, is really mad at me I told the other guy to leave me alone. Y am I so upset about it? I found out at the end of this that I made a mistake and I really like him. Please help me get him back. I really didn't know and I wish that I hadn't done what I did please please please help me.


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What Guys Said 1

  • walk away and let time sort it out...the ball is in his court to take you back...you can try talking to him, but that probably hasn't been working for you

    • I'll try but you know the pain of it all is how was I to know the relationship was still going on when he wouldn't even try to comunicate with me and he asked me one question in the past month and it was "hey, can you move?"

What Girls Said 1

  • It takes a lot of patience to get a guy back. If you really want him back start with No contact. Don't contact him for a month, do it for yourself mainly though... to improve yourself and the way you're feeling. You should have ended the relationship though I see why you might have thought things were over. If he doesn't even try to comunicate with you, why be with him? Who cares what he says, go out with the guy... I think you just made who you thought was your ex, jealous. You definitely deserve better. Stop thinking about the illusion of what he once was, a fun loving guy he might have been to you, he is no longer this way. He doesn't even care to talk to you, but only when you have made him jealous by going out with his friend. He has a funny way of showing you two are still dating.

    The thing about no contact is that it gives you 1 month of healing your heart, and giving you the chance to move on. while at the same time your ex will be missing you and might contact you to try and get you back. But don't put your whole heart into the fact that he'll come back after no contact or you will be hurting yourself greatly... Do no contact for YOU.


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