Is this a legit reason to break up?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up
We got into an argument before he broke it off
We have been constantly arguing about things (mainly because of my trust issues due to my first relationship) and I think the last argument was the final straw for him
The day he broke it off, he told me:
"Its not going to work out, I dont think we are right for each other, Im not happy anymore in the relationship"
But ever since the break up, he's been contacting me every week and wants to hang out to places every week
he's always the one initiating everything.
I don't.
When we talked about the break up yesterday, he said to me:
"I can't be in a relationship right now. I dont want to be with anyone. I need to focus on my future career. I want to be a police. I have to do full time studying and training and have to go up north to their academy. I won't have much time for you and can't give you the full attention you want. I dont want to upset you and disappoint you"
Does this seem legit or just an excuse?
We were together for 1 and a half years
Seems legit
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Is this a legit reason to break up?
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