Why is that people don't respect the fact that you are dating someone?

I meet this guy, he likes me from the first day we meet. I kinda had a feeling he did but wasn't sure, I made it known that I was dating someone and that I wouldn't do anything with this other guy. Well next time I saw him he offered me his coat because I was cold, I said no thanks. Then this next time I saw him, I was going to shake his hand again, but he tried to kiss me on the mouth, well I moved my face so he couldn't do that, so he planted one on the check. Well when he was leaving a made I thought I made sure he wouldn't do that again, he came up behind me like we were dating and planted one on my check again. But I have told this person I'm with someone. I told his friend to tell him to back off. Was I wrong to tell her to do that or should I have done it myself.
What would cause him not to take no for an aswers, and respect the fact I'm with someone.


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  • Just tell the guy that you are going to get married. I also don't respect girls "dating" someone but if she says she is getting married then I respect that, it's because a lot of girls are in relationships they don't really want to be in and are in relationships just so they don't feel lonely

    • Thanks for the answer I will say we are getting married next time he tries something.

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  • I doubt a female friend would have much sway on him. You need a guy more alpha male than he is to tell him to back off. Do you have any mutual guy friends?


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