What can/does the dumper think when you ignore his breakup text?

My ex-boyfriend of 6 months recently broke up with me through text. He said he wasn't ready and in the right mind set for a committed relationship. This happened because I started to be less available and asked him to dedicate one day to me. Before that, everything appeared to be on his terms and we were in a sort of long-distance relationship.

I never forced him to stay with me, in fact, told him several times that we could be casual if that's what he wanted, but he refused that. I suspect him to be an emotionally unavailable man since he only had one serious relationship that lasted 5 years, and since that, only companionships or one-night stands.

Anyway, when I saw his breakup text, I was annoyed because the week before he would tell me that is committed to me and serious when I was saying that I don't see anything that shows me he is truly committed and told him "let's see where this goes".

I decided to not respond to his text. It has been almost 2 weeks now. What do you think it shows to this guy when I didn't reply? Do you think he can regret or be sad if he is emotionally unavailable? I'm almost 100% he was expected an answer as he mentioned I could call if I want to talk about it, but I never did. He didn't talk to me since either.
What can/does the dumper think when you ignore his breakup text?
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