Why do some people think this is ok?

So for those that haven't looked at my posts im waiting for my wife to serve me papers for divorce. I've changed a lot since she moved out 3 months ago and realized a lot. I finally seen things from her perspective and understood where she was coming from. We talked and i apologized since i could see it from her perspective. I love her without a doubt but she never wants to try and work things out. My friends and family have seen me beat myself up emotionally for being so stupid. Some friends and coworkers feel i need to go out and get some "strange". For those who dont know what that is it means hook up with a stranger basically. Im set in my beliefs and can not do this. I am still a married man for the time being. Why do people think this is ok? I think society has failed us but what do you think?
Why do some people think this is ok?
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