What do I do? forget and move on?

Well, what can I say?There's this boy and damn, I really like him! I can never stop thinking about him, but the problem is that he never texts me or starts conversation with me, when I start it with him he seems to get annoyed with me! its not that I'm doing anything wrong, I mean I have told him all sorts and we did used to have a laugh when we talked now it seems like I annoy him! Also, he goes to a different school than me and his school is full of perfect pretty girls and it makes me feel like I have no chance what so ever and kinda stupid when I talk to him. HELP! what do I do, forget and move on, or how can I make him miss me...any help? LOVE YOU GUYS XXX


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  • Ask him to hang out, if you still get that vibe than move on.


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