OK ladies, here's the situation

You're single, you go to a small college, its the middle of January and you're in the parking lot off-loading a ton of stuff from the trunk of your car onto a dolly. A guy parks 2 spaces away from you, he's really nice, he's not ugly but not a super hottie by any means, just an average guy. He offers you a helping hand and you gladly accept cause the stuff you're off-loading is really heavy. You exchange names, pleasantries and have small talk. Once done, you guys go about your business and you don't see or interact with this guy again and you only see him at a glimpse once every other week through the course of the semester.

A month later, its Valentine's Day and you go to your car to find someone has left you roses on your windshield wiper with an anonymous note, you have no idea who it is and you're left wondering.

A few months pass and at the very last week of the semester, that same nice average looking guy who gave you a helping hand just 4 months earlier runs into you in the hallway and confesses he was the one that left you the roses. He doesn't say much, doesn't ask for your number or to go out or anything, he just smiles and tells you that he felt compelled to do it. Then he walks away and goes about his business and you're not going to see this guy for at least another 3 months.

How would you feel about that? How would you feel about the guy and the whole situation?


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  • honestly I would feel a little creeped out because he doesn't know me that well and leaving roses is pretty overboard for the situation, especially since he said he "felt compelled" to do it. I would wonder if he was a stalker or a creep or something


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  • I would think that it was a really cute thing to do and I would definitely try to learn more from that guy.

    Unless I'm extemely shy, or have a boyfriend.


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  • Jut got to say the word ladies has a way to make things sound awkward. Any way if your semesters are like mine and 8 months long that a long time to have a crush. Especially if you never talked to her during all that time in between. That would make your attraction to one another purely physical, if there is one. By not talking to her you don't have an emotional connection. Personally I feel both the physical and emotional parts have to be 50/ 50 for anything to last.

    From what I have seen if the attraction is 100% physical it has amounted only to one night stands or being friends with benefits. I am not saying she couldn't be attracted to you after so long, perhaps the mystery of everything kept her interested. You should go talk to her in person when you get the chance; you might get rejected but at least you find finally know how she feels.