Ex agreed to meet up. How should I act?

*do not bother telling me move on and blah blah blah, I know what I'm doing and I can accept what ever she dishes. This is also me facing my fears*

- So my ex girl broke up with me VERY recently

-Overall the relationship was great and I can tell id make her happy

-She hated hated hated the arguments especially the one during the break up

-After breakup I was really hurt and mad but did soul searching, forgave her, identified my problem (insecure, needy) and I'm working to fix it.

-I called her yesterday, said I'm not mad, I'm going to unblock, I was seeing insecure, childish with the arguments,

-Told her we should meet up and eat Wednesday (she asked "in what context?" I said I want to talk things out etc.)

-She agreed to eat tomorrow

-I said "I still think you're a great person" she said the same to me and asked how I was doing, she was crying at this point. I said I'm fine how are you? She didn't really answer. I wrapped things up and said bye.

-She followed me on Instagram, I followed back to be nice I guess. Looks at my stories, liked my new picture (at the gym).

I was planning on not text her until tomorrow (day of meet) and confirming a time.

How should I go about things from here to fix things and get back together? I can accept if she won't do it by the way but I want to try.
Ex agreed to meet up. How should I act?
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