When an ex makes non-stop fun of your new boyfriend?

Well, if you go through my past questions (don't recommend it, it's long, drawn-out, and boring), me and my ex who have been super close at one point are struggling at the "friends" stage. Basically, I've been throwing myself at him while he was in a new relationship (big mistake) and as soon as I decided to pull away, he insisted on being friends. He knew how I felt about him, and I got the feeling he wanted me as a "back burner" situation, aka, if things went awry with his current girlfriend, he'd gladly start back up with me.

Anyway, I saw the situation for what it was and nipped it in the butt. I went out and did my own thing instead of waiting around for him and met a really cool guy. He is VERY successful in his industry (owns a recording studio, worked with some major artists) and this somehow makes my ex very insecure. My ex already knew my feelings for him and he shot me down. But now that he knows I'm dating a fun, successful guy, he's behaving very differently. He will not stop talking crap. He's never even met my new Boyfriend yet but he will still talk endlessly about how he is "emotionally stunted", "terminal adolescent", "douchebag", etc.

How am I supposed to respond? We're in "friends" mode now, but he had his chance with me. He turned that down and now that I'm trying to move on he is being mean as hell and I just need to know the appropriate way to respond.


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  • just be real with him

    and say hey dbag

    you had your chance

    you left were friends

    im not gonna wait around while you have fun with other women

    im not mad at ya go love her

    im loving him

    so f*** off you don't even know him

    im not gonna wait till you get smart

    im too smart to wait

    hes just mad cause you might wanna settle with this rich guy for the wrong reasons

    and he was hoping maybe that after messing around with a few different people yal could get back to get back together

    talk to him

    make him cry

    not with meaness

    with kindness

    on your shoulder type sh*t


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  • Just ignore him, cut-off the friendship. And he's jealous by the way/

  • I don't understand why you are still friends with your ex? Would you be friends with anyone else that said that crap about your new boyfriend? No, you wouldn't. So why put up with it?

    You don't need to be a psych major to figure out your ex is jealous and upset that you are no longer pining endlessly for him. And his "friends" BS is just a way to make sure he stays in your life. But again, I ask why? Why do you need this guy in your life? What positive impact is he having?


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