Does he miss me or is he just being nosey?

If your ex who you haven't really talked to in like a month all of a sudden text trying to find out if your with somebody else or if you have had sex with anybody else, what does he really want? Does he miss me or is he just being nosey? Does he want to work things out?


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  • It could mean a lot of things...either he's throwing out a line to see if you will bite, meaning he's just checking to see where your head is so he can jump into your life again - or he is just wanting you as a 'back up'. Sounds to me, though, that if he's taking the time to find out there is at least SOME interest no matter what the reason, and its up to YOU were it goes from there. Not him. :D

    • He claims he hasn't been with anyone else since me.

    • If that's true and he hasn't been with anyone else or even likes someone else then I say he's definately still interested.

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