What should I do? The girl I like can't get over her ex

I've been seeing this girl for awhile now and she has told me that she likes me. But the only thing is she doesn't want to start dating because she thinks she's still I love with her ex. They dated for two years and its been a year since they broke up, she told me that she wanted him back but he said no. I'm I crazy to wait for her or should I give up my fight for her?

So I've decided to wait for this girl that I'm crazy about (haven't told her yet), but we haven't talked in awhile. I always find my self starting the conversation and when we talk we talk for hours always asking how our days when a what not.
But after this I don't hear from her for a couple of days. What should I do or say to her? Please help, I really like her and I know she feels the same way.


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  • Gotta let her work out all the ex problems first brother. Trust me, it won't end well for you if you don't. Be there as a friend and support her through it, but don't become a rebound. Even the fact that she brings him up means that she isn't over him. It's one thing to reference a past relationship in a conversation, but not have it brought up constantly. Best of luck.

    • What if it's hard because you have such strong feelings for her and you know she feels the same way?

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    • Ok Thanks Man

    • Best of luck brother.

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