Does he enjoy cheating?

My ex cheated on me for 6 weeks before telling me. He'd gone back to his hometown for a visit. During this time he would still tell me he loved me etc, and tell me lies about who he was seeing or what he was doing. He'd actually make up non-existant friends and say he was going for drinks with them. And when I'd ask him why he was ignoring me sometimes, he'd just say that he wasn't, and seem upset that I would think he was ignoring me. He would just say he was really busy with work or that he was stressed and didn't want to stress me out with his problems.

I feel like I've been made such a fool of. He could have just broken up with me if he didn't care anymore, instead I feel like it was like a fun game to him, to feel wanted by two women. I was sharing my boyfriend for 6 weeks... Or he was going around acting like he was single, even thouugh all the while saying that his friends or family were asking after me. He's made me feel so small and so stupid because I was so into him and so caring.

I feel sick when I think of him hanging around with this girl and her friends and them all having a good time, either not knowing or not caring how much pain I'm going through and just thinking that they're all having a really fun time.

Of course he said he was sorry and everything, but he's not remorseful I don't think. He doesn't want to change. We were happy but he said he knew he would cheat on me again so it was better not to continue. And so he just continued with her instead.

Personally I don't get it because it's very rare that I meet someone I really like, but he seems to do it all the time.


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  • he sounds like a prick. there are way better guys out there you just fell for a player. it will bite him in the ass in the end. you need to be p*ssed off at him. you need to tell yourself that you deserve better! he brought you down! screw this guy he is a f***ing prick and he doesn't care about anyone but himself. you will find someone who will treat you right and you can trust


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