"You don't seem so torn up about this. You mustn't have really loved her." WHAT?

A few years ago a girl I really loved broke up with me. I disagreed with her and thought her reasons where stupid. However, I respected her choice, and right afterwards, I made it my mission to just move on. I was sad and disappointed for a short while, but I didn't shed a rear, didn't lose sleep, and didn't express any strong emotions about it.

Shortly after, someone asked me about how she was doing, not knowing that we had broken up. When I said to him, "I don't know, seeing that she broke it off 4 says ago." His response was, "Wow! You're taking it very well. It's like you're not even sad about it. I would not be holding it together like you right now if I were in your shoes. You must not have really loved her."

I felt a little annoyed and I then calmly explained, "Dude! I loved her so much, I was actually shopping around for an engagement ring a few days before she broke it off. I didn't just love her; I thought that she was 'the one'. Just because I'm not hysterically crying myself ugly over her ending it, that doesn't mean I'm not sad, or that I didn't love her."

I was raised to value stoicism: endure pain, suppress your tears, don't laugh loudly, and don't be quick to anger. Some people might disagree with this specific application of such philosophy partly or completely. Maybe he handles breakups differently, and that's OK. Everyone is different in how they mourn loss.

Do you, however, agree with this person's statement? Do you think that just because I'm not displaying intense emotions and literally crying I didn't really love someone enough?
"You don't seem so torn up about this. You mustn't have really loved her." WHAT?
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