How to get ex back with new bf

Hi, I was with my ex for 2 1/2 years roughly. we met at uni and fell for each other right from the start everything was perfect. In our final year however I became really needy and had low self esteem as I put some weight on and gained some independence issues she also became bad with stress related problems due to the work but I stood by her and gave all the support I could and helped her with her work and she would take care of me also. although we werent happy in ourselves we still had a great time together was the odd down time but not often and nothing major. At the end of uni we had to go home for summer which is 300 miles apart but she made a promise we would be fine as I was going to move to her town anyway after summer. we spoke every night on phone and she would tell me how much she loved me and missed me and couldn't wait for me to move she even sent a letter with similar content, about a week after the letter I got a text saying she was worried about us and didn't think it would work but would give it a chance and she loved me a couple of days after she rang and broke it off and said she didn't see it working, as I'm not good with saving I wouldn't find a job I'm too shy so I wouldn't make friends she couldn't see me ever learning to drive and thought id just rely on her all the time instead of having my own life. but then she said she would still be happy for me to move down and be friends and begged me to forgive her and not hate her as she really wanted to stay friends. I did the usual beg her but then read giving space is the best thing so I did about a month after the breakup she got a new boyfriend but I was told by friends nothing happened with them while we were together and that they think its a blatant rebound anyway I made the move down and have been here a month and she hasn't contacted me at all apart from to ask if I had moved and said maybes I should move on as she is trying to move on with her own life. she has been with him a month now and I've heard he appears to be just like me except he is 4 years younger than us (we are 21) she posted on her facebook status the other day about how great her life is and her new boyfriend is perfect etc which is something she never did before as she thought its attention seeking when people write stuff like that so it made me think there was some intention for me to see it and a friend of mine from back home said its obviously a front and she isn't as happy as she is making out to be. I don't know why she is ignoring me I really want her back as everything was perfect we were so happy together everyone round us was shocked at the split even her sister. I don't know what to do I love this girl so much and she always felt like the one and we would often say that we were meant for each other she was never a one for talking about the future but not long before the split she drove me through a town and said this is were we would live when we get married etc and pretty much told me this life plan/dream she had
I also heard that she isn't too happy with me for moving down and thinks it's all because of her and that I'm not over her, Yes I do love her more than anything but I moved for job purposes but she doesn't see it like that
Yeah she hasn't mentioned anything to the two I'm plying with so I dunno, thanks for the input, would be interesting to see what any girls think of all this :)


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  • wow..I had a similar situation..yea, she's acting weird because of that guy. You need to be patient and have a plan. You're way too needy..this worked for me..try it out for yourself ==> link

  • id hate to be blunt but she sounds like a bitch. you need to move away. I know you have a job there but look for a job somewhere else. I know you want her back so if you move away and stop trying to please her and think about what you should do to get back she will see that your moving on. you have to move away from there man it will be better for you. you need to be close to friends right now instead of being close to her.

    • She only started acting weird since she got this new guy like she barely talks to any of her friends kinda like she's changed but I have some friends down here anyway and my best mate is one of her old college friends and his girlfriend is her best mate from childhood lol but they have been spending more time with me than her at the moment but they reckon she is on a blatant rebound she passed me the other day in the car and was waving to me like crazy as if she was really happy to see me

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    • Hasn't been any contact from either party for about a month now but like I said she passed in the car the other week and was waving with a big smile like nothing was wrong. Recently I posted a message on my mate facebook about coming over to mine for a poker night as his girlfriend (ex's best mate) wants to learn so she can play with us etc. And today my ex just joined facebook poker and left a message on another friend of ours wall asking him to teach her how to play poker as she needs to learn ?

    • Well maybe she is trying to sneak her way back in. but be patient don't think to highly of it right now. let her come to you. don't try and talk to her or anything just go with the flow and act like its no big deal. if she shows up to this poker game act like ya its good to see her but don't pay much attention to her

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