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i got this female friend and were are good friends and I started to catch feelings for her but unfortunately for me she did not feel the same way... she told me that she only saw me as a friend and that she was sorry and went on to say how she is dating this guy who is about to be her boyfriend and how she wanted to meet him and how she only see me as a friend. so at this point I'm thinking to my self why would would you ask me to me a guy who your dating if I just told you that I like you.

This is the first time that this has ever happened to me so...do any one have any advice I can use ( should I stay close friends with her or just back off)


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  • Is she crazy? What the hell you want to meet him for? All of that is disrespecting and she knows you like her? Drop her like a bad rash! Friends don't hurt a friend feelings! You will find you a nice young lady and when you do don't give her the time of day! Good Luck!

  • Stay close friends, but maybe tell her that was bit insensitive of her to ask her to meet someone who's going to be her boyfriend and maybe after a while you'd be comfortable meeting him. Thank yourself for having the courage to tell her how you feel, and I'm sorry because I know how this feels. Just give yourself some time, friendship really is a great thing, and find someone else.


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