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I have dated my girlfriend for a year and half. We broke up and she went out with another guy. Then I got another girlfriend and then my ex came back into my life. To make a long story short we got back together and we broke up over the summer cause she liked someone else.

We still had a thing for the rest of the summer, and over labor day weekend, she had sex with one of my friends. Then the other night, I went to this dance and I made out with this girl. And my ex found out and is freaking out. Does she really have a right to be mad? She left me for a guy before, then she had another guy she liked over the summer and it didn't work out. Then she had sex with my friend. And I just made out with a girl when I am not dating her. We just had a thing. Any advice?


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  • Ignore what she does/says unless she's your girlfriend. She's probably mad because she wanted to keep you around as a backup if/when her current fling ended (like she did the first time she left and came back). You owe her nothing.


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