Why is my on again off again boyfriend trying to ruin my self confidence?

I can’t be bother to write the full on whole story.

Anyway my ex was being manipulative in to getting me to lend him some money.
I lent him £50 in the end.
Then he randomly messages me telling me he’s going to fuck me when he gets back from Holiday.
We had a conversation later where I was complaining bout him not doing enough when we was together. One thing is he has loads of baby mothers and about 5 kids I know of. So I mentioned it and he said he’s always going to get girls pregnant because he likes it.
I asked if there was anything wrong in his past for him to be that dumb. He eventually admits he has issues then says his girlfriend helps him (Something that is news to me).
Anyway again all of sudden he’s telling me I’m ugly. He said that he’s never been attracted to me, he don’t like me, he was only seeing me on and off for 6 years because he was bored.
He used me etc...
He starts comparing an Instagram model to me. And was like I’m the only one honest enough to tell you. Out of 10 you’re a 4. He gets girls that are 10s and he fucks anything.
I just don’t understand why he would do that or say that. What have I done to him :/
Was it because of what I said to him earlier?
Now I’m questioning myself and my looks like there’s something wrong with me. But I know I’m not ugly. No one has ever told me I’m ugly. And being told everyone lies to me is wrong.
Why is my on again off again boyfriend trying to ruin my self confidence?
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