My boyfriend befriends girls who end up liking him. Is he giving off the wrong signals?

My boyfriend only clicks with females, and I have a hard time with him coming home with new numbers in his phone. They often end up liking them and it really makes me mad that he never sees it. They are rude to me, or ignore me if I see them when I'm not with him. He rarely invites me to do things with him and his new female friends unless I ask. It irritates me because hew as always included in my fun with friends. I know that they end up liking him because several of them have tried to break us up and the other ones send him flirty msages he thinks I'm overreacting and I should just trust him.


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  • trust him until he screws it up and then break realize your boyfriend is a player, so that's a cost to your relationship that you'll have to deal with or you'll have to somehow change's rather interesting that your relationship is open in that he's seeing other women, which questions the seriousness of that relationship


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