How to console my boyfriend after my break up?

Recently I had a break up with my boyfriend, we were planning to marry each other, but when my parents got to know about us ,they were strictly against us. Actually the guy is divorcee so they thought I'll not be happy with him.finally I had to say no to him.what should I do now? and have I done right?

He is not ready to accept this fact.


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  • I don't think you should console your ex since he is no longer your boyfriend. He has to get you of out his mind now.

    But I don't think it's a good choice if it's because of your parents you break up with him. It should be your choice alone. You're going to have to make decisions one day that your parents are not aways going to agree with. Do you really think that you won't be happy with him because he is a divorcee? As long as you have your own reasons that does not include 'because my parents thinks...'.

  • One question why did you listen to your parents? If you are happy with the guy and feel he is the right one then why not stay together. I know you want your parents to like him, but sometimes that is not an option. If you can secretly see him and act like you aren't around your parents.


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