What do you think is this cheating?

all right I'll admit it I'm a big flirt, and guys seem to throw themselves at me. It might sound alittle consided, but it just seems to come really easily. I met this guy online and we promised not to go on dates with other people or anything like that. Although I'm a flirt, I am very loyal. I'm completely sure how I feel about the guy, especially since it would be long distance. I met him off the internet too, not the smartest move. He was a complete gentle man. Still he's just a machanic, and I want to be a teacher.

There is this other guy I met online that I've been talking to and occassionally well interact in some well.. he does some stuff to himself sometimes.It hasn't happened since I went on a date this thi guy. But would you consider that cheating. I am never gonna meet this guy.

and would it still be considered cheating to keep texting back guys who flirt or test me? what do I say since he's not my boyfriend?


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  • Is it cheating to watch a guy jack off on webcam?

    If you're committed to this other guy then yes I'd say it's cheating.

    • Not on a webcam, but phone and I guess you're right

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    • It's the intention, not the act. Cheating is more than just physical. If you want to be in a serious relationship you shouldn't be having phone sex or flirtatiously texting other guys. Perhaps you just shouldn't be in a serious relationship.

    • Yeah, you're right

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