Is she trying to control me or am I missing something?


After my EX and I broke up I started to hang out with 'Girl A'.

My EX hates girlA and resents me for even talking to girlA, although I would like to stay close friends with my ex because of how well we know each other.


Am I just being a heartless bastard or is the EX being controlling?


Me and my EX dated for 3 straight years. After about the first 2 months I was visiting my old home and my old friends, while I was visiting for the summer my friend and I decided to go visit one of his friends, which was a state up from us. So we drove up and stayed in this girls(GirlA) house for about a week, just hanging out and having fun.

I decided not to tell my girlfriend about this because she would think that we f***ed or something of the sort... well 1 year later the EX found out I lied and the EX never forgave me for lying and never trusted me again, thus causing us to break up.

Well the entire relationship I ignored girlA to keep my EX happy, even tho I thought of girlA as a good friend.



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  • Hey,

    Here's the situation: you are no longer with you ex. As such, you need to be able to do what you want to do. If you like hanging out with this girl, then you should do so. If she doesn't like it, since you are no longer going out, well... that's her problem.

    If she continues to give you a hard time for hanging out with this girl, I'd question your friendship with your ex.


    - Evan

    Just being friends after a break up? -> link


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