Is this a coincidence?

So, when I was in highschool, me and my first love just suddenly broke up, and she didn't tell me why. For the rest of our time in highschool, she would stalk me around the school and to my work and it got crazy after a while.
Recently, I found out that she broke up with me because she thought I was lying to her about something in my past, and was hiding things from her. It was just a rumor her best friend told her because she hated me.

Anyway, upon discovering this. I messaged her on Instagram directly addressing it. It's been some time since we graduated, but I wanted closure. I apologized for the things I did wrong, and clarified the things she thought I was lying about. I simply said that I wanted to give myself closure on this and not only apologize to her but to explain myself.
After a month, I checked and she hadn't 'seen' it so I reached out to her on Twitter, since she rarely used Instagram but was obsessed with twitter, just simply requesting her to read me message.
After two weeks, she had posted a lot on Twitter, so I deleted my Twitter message and deleted my copy of the Instagram message.
I noticed that since then she completely stopped updating her Instagram and Twitter accounts. It's been since October, so I'm wondering if I did something. I just wanted her to know I was sorry. W

Was this a dumb thing to do? Did she disappear because of my messages?
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Is this a coincidence?
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