How do you treat running into your ex?

So I get that most Exes can't and shouldn't remain friends. But does this mean you completely ignore one another in public when you bump into each other? My ex does this every time, even after 7 months of being broken up. Should I just give a quick nod and "hello" in the future to show him it's okay to acknowledge each other, and then move along? I can't imagine ignoring each other for the rest of our lives. Yeah, maybe one of us moves away eventually, but if not it just seems so silly to continue on pretending like the other doesn't exist.

Thoughts? (Especially from a guys perspective, since he did the dumping)


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What Guys Said 1

  • I personally don't keep in touch with ex's. It doesn't make sense to me especially when you get into another relationship and it gets serious...

    However, it's really up to you. Be mature about it. If he chooses to be a d*** and ignore you or whatever then fine, let it be. If your head is high and you're happy with your significant other you have right now then you should not be worrying about your ex!


What Girls Said 1

  • My situation is kind of different, with most of my ex's.. (for some reason or another) I was the one that had to break up with them. I'm friends with all of mine still, though it's not like I chit chat with them all the time.. every time I see one of them I talk to them and catch up. I love all my ex boyfriends still, just not in that way.

    I personally would acknowledge him with a smile or a small wave. If he doesn't do something similar in response to it then just ignore him from here on out; at least you tried to be friendly.


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