What is this guys problem?!? :(

Ok so I met this guy on fb (mutual friends, same college, never seen each other though), talked for a few times, he kinda told me he likes me and later on he suggested we should go out (it was like a group date). We ended up kissing in the club, he walked me home (it was a fun walk, we acted like kids lol), we talked, he made me a heart out of a club ticket we kissed for goodbye and that's it.

EXCEPT.. It was weird being online the next day and not talking to him-so I started a convo and he talked but not as much as usual, he didn't "nag" in a good way? so I didn't reply on one of his "hahaha" and.. nothing.

It's been almost a week and he hasn't made ANY kind of contact.

I also think he's not over his ex yet (they broke up in july though), but I really want him to at least "acknowledge" me like he did before? It's not fair, why did he even make me like him in the first place, what should I do? :(


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  • Alot of guys do get shy after the first night they really connect with someone new. But, he might also feel guilty if he's not over his ex girlfriend, especially if they ended on good (more like descent) terms. Whenever a relationship ends and the guy still likes/loves the girl, he'll feel like he's betraying her when he first meets someone he wants to move on with. The best thing to do is acknowledge that it happened by saying things like "I had a great time last night" and "i'd love to see you again sometime soon :)" and hopefully that'll bring him out of his shell and he'll start "nagging" like he used to. Good luck!


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  • Well he must have some sort of feelings for you otherwise why would he kiss you, and making you that heart out of a club ticket is pretty cute:) maybe he feels awkward after kissing you cos he really likes you and he was taken back by it, he could be shy, or his waiting for you to make the first move to see if you really do like him.

  • Honestly, I have no idea why this guy changed his tune but you need to just walk away. He obviously played you and he isn't worth your time. Move on and forget him.


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