Is it really nessesary to cath your GF/BF redhanded to be sure they are cheating?

In another thread a nice lady responding to me and telling me that if I don't see it. Then I am not suppose to say it.

Is it really nessesary to catch your GF/BF red handed having sex? is this not enough that they are seeing other people on your back and never ever introdue or tell you about them?

They keeping their cell swtiched off/silent/or avoid replying calls when they are with you?.

They go missing from their work place in the middle of the day without any information to you where they went by making an excuse to the bosses that they are not feeling well. But you been never know that they were sick?.

They tell you that they are taking their mother for treatment aborad and travel when you meet their mother next day and they tell you that he/she is on holiday abroad?

and when you confront them for all this you will be labelled insecure and jealous.

Still some of you might insist that this all doesn't prove anything that they are cheating? what more you will do...stalking...spying?


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  • I don't know how good your "intuition" is. First I have to ask if your the jealous type, or perhaps leaning on the needy side? Not to be insulting but to figure out if you just making things appear this way.

    This rule works for me but I am an exceedingly "tuned in" person. If my gut tells me someone is cheating, or anything for that matter it's just not wrong. So in my case, If things seem out of place. I actually don't need proof it just starts to come to me until all the facts sort themselves out. If your lucky this is how things will manifest and you won't have to instigate. Though it sounds like with the mom story your already seeing something up.

    So, One question I raise is what is causing you to believe she's cheating on you? Is there any other possibility of something being hid from you for a positive purpose? Do you perhaps just have been cheated on before so you look for it to happen again?

    Basically it is like this. Your feeling that something is afoot "gut instinct" however IT does not tell you if it's positive or negative, just something. That's all you can draw from it right now. I'm not going to list the warning signs of a cheater, you might look into that yourself. A huge one is if they acuse you of cheating for no reason, and constantly. That one is almost always there, provided the person has a conscious lol Perhaps do some research for patterns that cheaters do and find out if she fits them. You might be speculating something that really is not there... However, you might be right on the money. In which case I recommend you stay silent and observant. People will always hang themselves. Our own ego sees to it lol

    Hope it's not what you think man, it always sucks when it is

  • If she is lying to you (taking mother somewhere while mother is home). Or leaving work in the middle of the day, or is doing the cell phone game then something is up. Always trust your gut feeling. I wish I did. Confront her about your suspicions and her reaction will let you know.


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