Why did ex boyfriend want to meet?

My ex boyfriend broke things off with our rship 4 months ago. We have had minimal contact since break up and ex boyfriend def believes in no contact is best. That was fine until yesterday when he rings me saying he's in my town and wonders if we can go and get a quick meal seeming we're "good friends" now?! I was unable to meet. But why did he want to meet seeming he's the one who wanted no contact.. & how can he say we're good friends as we never talk?! Thanks :) x


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  • don't shoot your hopes to high but maybe he's been thinking of reconsidering his decision. If you want to work it out, go out with him and see what he has to say. Making contact for the first time afetr 4 months can be a little ackward, so that' s probably why he came off like this this. But he is definately interested in something. either FWB or get back with you. So it's going to be your decision.

    Good luck!


What Girls Said 1

  • Sometimes a man makes his mistakes... As do we... Its like this... He says he wants no contact and yet he can't stop thinking about you... So he decides to call you... Why else would he try to get in contact with you? He either wants some quality time... Or he just wants a booty call... I'm not him... And I don't know how he thinks... What I do know is that you need to find out.. And soon... Don't wait on it because its just gonna dwell in the back of your mind... And its gonna drive you insane...


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