Don't let him sassy u

..Months ago I wrote a story, a story about my life, in which no one cared, but I think at this moment of my life, everything is coming to an end.

January 20th 2010, life leads me to encounter someone. Some one that would bring me lots of laughter, but yet lots of leading pain. What I didn’t know was that it also enrolled me in life 101. I spent the most amazing 4 months dating this person. At that point I didn’t regret knowing him one bit because I was happily in loved – a love I never felt before. I trusted him. And loved him with all my heart and wanted to see him smile.

But happiness never lasted- Soon Life struck this relationship with a lesson- and We fail to pass the challenge.

In the back of my mind, I figured I’ll accept being friends, but what I didn’t know was that he wanted to be friends but didn’t want a relationship. I was naïve enough to give in and spent another 4 months having a secret physical relationship with this guy I’m purely still in love with. It was horrible, I was in so much pain, more pain then anyone can imagine. ( and I thought I already had enough of pain from the break up) He disregared my e-mails, acted like he didn’t care or it didn’t exist- but yet again and again I gave him justification for his actions and went back to this whole thing.

I know myself to well, this logical and rational me knew something was up - - he did want a relationship, but he didn’t want one with me, and wanted to date someone knew and test out the waters.

Now I’m left again- with pain and suffering and full of hate.

But I have conclude that it is time for me to move on, but the pain is here- and I hate his guts..

Moral of my story?- Don't let him sassy u, be smart and don't fall for what I fall for. -

lots of people here claims that women are more douche then men, but I have to disagree. - Either way - be careful our emotions and heart is too fragile. - I've been hurt and disappointed by this guy too many times.

the old cliche is right- the one that hurt you the most is the closest to you.


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  • you placed yourself into this mess...he said FWB and you walked right into that trap hoping things would change into a relationship, but that's usually never the case...when you break up, you don't become friends, you actually are enemies on a different level from normal people-to-people interaction whether you realize it or not


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  • Same thing happened to me, and Trihill is right. We walked right into that one...:(

    • Maybe we did, but it takes two to tango- and if that guy was a true friend or sincere enough to help us think, they would have cut us loose, ( at least my situation is a tad more complex)

  • SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! it was so awful. I hate that this happens to people who don't deserve it.

    • I agree we don't deserve this..

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