Can a man change?

I had been with my fiancé for about 2 years he lived with me at my parents house and I worked and provide for us cuz he didn't have a job he would get small jobs but they never lasted and I stayed cuz I love him but we would always fight cuz I felt this anger/ resentment towards him cuz I was always working and he never did anything but the deal breaker was last week I found out that he had been cheating on me he met her online in January and then met her in person she was a virgin and they had sex but only half way cuz she couldn't take it ( I talked to her and she told me everything ) he had my brother who's dating my ex bestfriend take him to meet her and he would pick him up and they would give him $ for gas that part hurt more cuz my brother and his stupid girlfriend must really hate me to help him cheat on me when I found out everything I broke up with him and kicked him out i was so hurt i punched him multiple times but anyways he went to live with his mom again and he promises that he will change we are still broken up but he won't stop calling me and I love him and I'm the only one who believes that he will change and that he can become someone in life he says he will do whatever it take to get me back and that he loves me and that he made a mistake and I of course I want to believe him by everyone tells me I should move on and I somewhat agree I feel like if I keep taking to him he will just stay the same but he so far has applied for jobs and i saw him two days ago to leave him his things he left at my house and I couldn't resist him I love him so much and I want to be with him that I slept with him again but it was more than just that we cried and hugged we looked into our eyes and touched each other like it was the last time and I know I shouldn't of but now I'm so confused and I don't know what to do nobody and I mean it when I say nobody wants us to get back together but I don't know what to do I fell so incomplete without him
Move on And see if he changes and come back
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Believe him and stay but stay Broken up
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Move on completely
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1 y
I told him that if he gets his life together and he and I still wanted to be with each other that in two years he should look for me but only if he has actually change like that poem if you love someone set them free if they come back they were yours and if they don't they never were or something like that
Can a man change?
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