How do you win an ex back?

Long story short we broke up officially about a month ago, since then we both have been seeing different people (which I'm not anymore) Me and my ex are talking to one another again. He flirts with me every now and then. But he still seems to be caught between me and the other girl. So please tell me how I could win over his heart again and have him back in my life. Little tips and tricks would be much appreciated. Thank you =)


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  • Tip one - you're a girl and you could probably get him back. but um, what makes you think when you get back together with him that girl is going to let him go? and maybe just for fun she tries to take him away.

    Tip 2) think about why he is a EX

    Tip 3) Really? How wouold you feel if some chick horned in on you and your bf?

    He could do the same thing to you when some other chick comes knocking. are you going to be understanding?

    Sometimes exes get 2getha but it doesn't always work out. Old sh*t doesn't mend if you don't fix it the first time around


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  • Maybe this could help.

    Chemistry dies out like a fire if you don’t stoke it once in awhile.

    Humans have needs – both emotional and physical. They need to be caressed, held, hugged, kissed, listened to, flirted with, and desired.

    Your relationship routine might have made your ex feel starved for whatever it was they didn’t get anymore – that very stuff that made your stomachs and hearts flutter when you first started dating. If he or she was starving, then chances are you weren’t getting everything out of the pairing that you wanted as well.

    What were you lacking in the relationship? What was missing?

    Most relationships don’t crumble because of one single issue. When one thing comes in between two people, they usually recognize it and work things out amicably – unless it’s a deal breaker like, “he wants kids and I don’t.”

    You might even see the breakup as a result from one of the above issues while your ex would pinpoint something totally different. Maybe you thought it was the fact that you spent no time together, but he thought it was the nagging you did.

    If you want to get your ex back, don’t do these things::

    - Texting your ex will push him away – fast;

    - Calling your ex multiple times a day shows neediness;

    - Telling him to get back with you telegraphs insecurity;

    - Writing letters to try to make him understand how you feel is


    -Phoning his parents and try to convince them to talk

    sense into his is a sure way to get ignored;

    -Calling the new girl in his life and telling him to leave him

    alone will instantly turn him against you

    How to get him back?

    Maybe this few tips will help you:

    - Never look desperate – work on your self, you need to shine if you want to attract him back

    - Start seeing other guys. That will wake uh her curiosity and insecurity (is possible that he has already move on!?)

    - Go out together, do stuff together, but don’t ask him to get back, just have great time together, let he see how good it was in relationship

    Hope this help. For some more advanced tips, check out link , it may be useful...

    All the best and good luck!

    • Your good! Thanks for the help =)

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