My ex wont leave me alone! Why?

I broke up with my ex we will call him Jake* [ it was just a silly 6th grade relationship, barely talked, you know! ;D] it was about 2 months but we liked each other and he was so sweet to me. :) <3 He even was moping around in gym after the break up [my friends tell me they swore they saw him crying!] But after us, he went out with a lot of other girls and played them apparently. but in 7th grade, 8th grade, and a little bit in 9th grade, he always annoyed me! he calls me ugly all the time! When I went out with another guy, Jake* was the one who broke us up! I never said anything to him [the guy told me personally Jake* was the one who broke us up!]... I don't know... :/ I feel like the next time I will be in a Good relationship he will ruin it again! I never do this to him! Help! I am sick of jake!


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  • Get your next boyfriend to rough him up a bit.

    Or go confront him. Preferably both.


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