How do you get closure?

Well, I fell deep for my best friend. Thing is, it

was at the wrong time and basically wrong place, because

I ended up moving away to another province, and we

were in a bad fight. Long story short, I didn't know how much

he ment to me, until it was too late and I've accepted that..

See, when I had finally settled down in the new city/province

I was slowly realizing how much I had liked him more

than I wanted to admit. So I tried to call him, but seeing

as how we were in a fight (over the fact that I never told

him I was moving..yeah something very small...) he kept

dodging me, and not calling me back,

So I wrote him an email telling him how

much I liked him, and that I wanted him to call me and

we could talk or whatever.. He never called or

replied, but a few months later, he called me,

and said he wanted us to be friends again. So I was

cool with it, because it's better to have him

in my life as a friend then to not have him.

As we got closer, the feelings came back,

and when I would tell him, he would dodge it.

I just needed him to tell me something..

He didn't. At the time I couldn't be friends with him,

because it didn't seem fair. But he kept insisting that we stay

friends, this cycle went on for 4yrs. Him wanting to be friends,

and me asking him if he ever had feelings, him dodging

the questions, me, ending the friendship.

Recently, I just gave up, we're friends but I couldn't continue

this lie, so I told him alll that was left to say,

how much he means to me, and how I can't see

myself with anybody but him, How my past

relationships haven't lasted because of me,

cause I've never loved anybody after him. Anyways

he dodged it again. I begged him, told him that

I needed closure, that I needed to know what he thought.

If he has to break me, by rejection then so be it..i just need

closure, and it just seems like when he dodges me,

nothing is answered, and I'm left on hold..Im in love with

this guy, he knows it, and he hasn't said anything.

Does that mean for sure he's not in love with me?

Like what do I do?


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  • you have to pick a side and keep your hopes low so you don't fall too hard if things don't go your way...accept what nature affords you if you are offered the chance, and there's such things as second or even third chances in also need to consider that time allows you to pace yourself no matter where you are...caution to you is not to rush anything


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