When should I send it?

So, in December 2016 my long time girlfriend went on her mission for the LDS church. Although I'm not LDS , I dated her for 4 years and we discussed marriage before her departure. We got on Rocky ground during her mission and we have stopped talking.
I know she's just on an religious high, and I don't want to lose her, and she should be home sometime in June. I have a plan to send her a letter to try to remind her I still love her and I want to be with her. I dunno why I just have felt and know it's the right thing and what I should do.
My question is when should I send the letter?
My only concern is how it looks to her if she receives it right after or even shortly after she returns...
When should I send it? I don't expect her to reply, but when would be the most impactful if she returns in June?
Now (So its waiting for her, and her parents may forward it to her)
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Send it in May ( WAITING FOR HER)
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Send it in June (As she gets home)
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Send it in July (Gives her time to decompress)
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When should I send it?
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