How to get over a crush?

I liked this girl for a while but never really made a move. And today I just saw on fb that she was in a relationship and that killed me :( . So I don't know how to get over her.


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  • I couldn't get over a guy for 5 years. It was the worst experience. I never managed to tell him how I felt, I never got to talk to him about it. I didn't even tell my friends I liked him, until one day, I told a very close friend and they gave me a few tips. After about a month I was over him completely. Now I don't even really notice him in the corridors at school. He is no longer part of my life, I am over him. Some of the tips I was given were:

    RUN. Running, as in, jogging, always helps. When you're moving it means you don't have time to observe everything in detail, but you get a good view of the bigger picture. It really helped me, by just running every day for a while. Weird, but works.

    Another thing is, write a pro and con list, either about her, or about your relationship to her. Either way, it will put things into perspective. Then just fill in the space in your mind with something new, such as a hobby or a new friend. By introducing change into your life you yourself can change.

    Hope I helped!


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  • what is there to get over? you've never had her, not even close. you don't even like her because you don't know her. you just think she's pretty.

    find another pretty face to crush over


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  • dont contact her,just don't see her

    just keep meeting people,you might meet someone more intresting than her and soon this crush is just a past


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