My husband left me when I have cancer, will he come back?

My husband left me after known that I have cancer , he sneaked out without telling me and went back to his home country. He told me that I can’t provide him what he want in a happy love relationship and he wants to start a new family with whom he can have baby with. I had miscarriage 2 years back... and because of the breast cancer I can’t have child anymore.

He has left about 2 and half months. Not willing to come back though I still love him. Very much in pain and miserable. I still hope he would come back to me. But I guess he won’t. I want to know what made him so cold and is it possible he would change his mind?

Not yet divorced. But he said he would send me divorce paper to sign , he already blocked me on facebook, removed all my pictures and put status as single... very hurtful...
1 y
he has been unstable. He said if I transfer an amount of 6000 usd to his account he would come back as he wants to make sure that I want him back... it made me even sad I just can’t believe he became so low or I just never realized he is so low... he is doing nothing but smoking weed back at his mother’s home with no job... he used to work with me... if he finally decide to come back , should I accept? Clearly there is no feelings in his heart... 5 years marriage...
My husband left me when I have cancer, will he come back?
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