My ex says she needs time to think but keeps contacting me?

My ex broke up with with me because she said she flipped her switch off. I asked her what that means, she said weve been fighting for a long time and just doesn't want to try anymore because I hurt her too much. I told her things would be different between us and have shown her that for a while after we broke up. I asked her if we could start over and she said she needs time to think if I am being real or putting on an act claiming the same switch she flippped that made her have no feelings for me can be turned back on out of no where. I asked her to get back together and let me show her with my actions. She says she can't because she has to feel it right in her heart. But yet, she contacts me constantly to see what I'm doing and she wanted to go to lunch. But, doesn't want to try again? She also said she misses me sometimes and wants to beleive me but doesn't know if she can. What do I do?


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  • Hey man,

    You're trying to rationalize too much. She's just playing head games with you..check this's like guide to decoding her words==> link


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