How do I know what his ex really wants?

I've been dating this guy for more than a year now, and ever since we started dating his ex kept calling him and sending me rude messages. She was telling him how much she wanted him back and she was also telling bad stuff about me. Come on, you don't even know me...?! lol. So anyways it kept going on and on. My boyfriend changed his number. But she's now trying to get close to me. She's asking me to go to parties and stuff, so that we can finally meet and get to know each other. I told her to just get over her ex. But she replies by saying she moved on and has a new boyfriend (that looks exactly like her ex) and blah blah blah. Is she really over him and really just want to meet me? Or is she still not over her ex and trying to cause trouble again?


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  • she's sabotaging your relationship...she's trying to get him should change your number


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