Can a marriage survive after adultry?

So me and my wife have been married almost 2 years now. We have been happily married, don't have any kids and I love her to pieces. Recently she just told me that she had cheated on me and that it was a moment of weakness.

I'm thinking I should leave her because cheating is never good. We've always had a good marriage, and a brilliant sex life. We also have a good sense of humour and we both get along really well with each other.

When I told her I want a divorce, she cried her eyes out and kept telling me over and over again how much she loves me and I'm the only person she wants. She's agreed to give me some space and she also told me that she intends on fighting for our marriage.

I thought I'm a person who would never tolerate cheating, but I honestly believe she's genuinely sorry and regrets that she cheated. I've known her for 4 years before we got married so that's about 6 years all together so I known when she's being genuine. I also respect her for telling me the truth by the way, just thought I'd mention that...

Despite her cheating on me, I still love her more than anything, which makes it hurt even more. Everytime I think of her right now, all I can think of is her cheating... I suppose I want to know is there a way a relationship can work after one of the partners found out the other cheated?

I would love it if we could still make this marriage work as I love her to pieces. Not being with her is absolutely killing me...
Can a marriage survive after adultry?
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