My ex-boyfriend/hook-up buddy is dating a girl at my school. What should I do?

So I've gone out with this guy twice now and consistently hooked up with him recently. That is, until I found out that he had started dating this German exchange student that I had tried hooking him up with earlier in the year (she had a boyfriend, so it didn't work out). Things haven't exactly ended so smoothly.

He graduated last year, and the German girl and I are both seniors. So he's going to be at the football game this Friday night with her and I think I'd puke if I saw them together (not literally though, of course).

So my question is this: should I ignore the d*** even though his new girlfriend and I are kind of friends and usually hang out in the same place at the games? I hate to even think of him and I just need some direction!


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  • i think you should steer clear of him...clearly his being with her bothers you and if you see him with her it'll show. good luck


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