Did anyone experience “dating after breakup” phase?

My boyfriend and I broke up about 3 months ago. The reason was very complicated, however we both loved each other.

After the break up we didn’t talk or text or about 4 days

But we just couldn’t resist talking to each other so we agreed to be friends.

Our “friends” means this:
We still call each other baby/babe
We talk, text, have lunch, watch movie and sometimes have sex
And we tell each other “ I love you”s

Sounds like we are friends with benefits but there’s love to it.

Also he told me he would be jealous if I went out with guy, and I told him likewise. I would be jealous if he went out.

Nothing has really changed when I compare us right now, to back when we were dating.

Has anyone go though this dating after breakup phase?

If so, any advices?
Did anyone experience “dating after breakup” phase?
Yup girl I went though that!!
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Did anyone experience “dating after breakup” phase?
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