How do I leave an emotionally draining relationship?

My boyfriend emotionally drains me to the point where I become angry, stressed, frustrated and annoyed. Dated him for five years and I've become so depressed.

It feels like he wants a girlfriend who will let him say whatever he wants to her and control her.

So stupid how whenever I am defending myself when a guy insults me or acts rude to me, my boyfriend gets all pissed off saying he doesn't like it when argue with men. Then he throws the card, "Well, you wouldn't want me to argue with a girl right?" I mean I don't care if he does if he's standing up for himself.

I tried to leave many times. He ends up calling me cold hearted just because I told him I'm tired and emotionally drained from him being insecure.

He constantly asks me every minute or every single day if I love him just the way he is or if there is a guy better than him at whatever the guy does, he looks to me for approval that he's good.

Even when we are gaming together, he gets all pissed if a guy tells him what to do in a nice and mature way. He goes, "St@*u. I do what the -beep- I want. "

When there is a good player (guy) in our team, he starts asking me if he is better than the guy, or asking for approval that he is doing great. And if I am being honest that my boyfriend isn't, he starts whining and getting pissed off. Then hours later he whines about it.

Hearing the same questions every day and year of my life has made me become soooo annoyed. I tell him all the time I only love him and it's never enough.

I love him. But I know I can't live the rest of my life dying while trying to reassure him every single minute of my life that I see no other man better than him. How can I leave? He keeps texting and calling back.

I feel like I'm not growing at all. Not growing spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I feel like I'm stuck in this negative cycle where I'm so unhappy in my life. I feel upset I wasted five years on him. Five years I can never get back.

How do I leave an emotionally draining relationship??
How do I leave an emotionally draining relationship?
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