I blame myself for driving him off.. how to forgive myself and move on?

How do I get over the feeling of guilt? I messed up a relationship I had with this guy I liked. I scared him off. I think he thought I was needy and got too attached too quickly. Now I feel like kicking myself in the butt. How do I learn to forgive myself and move on? I really liked this guy, so it hurts even more that I drove him off. We talked a lot on the phone, text, and would have lunch like 3 times a week to hang. He is no longer interested. I know this because he doesn't answer anything anymore and doesn't make time to hang anymore. Anyways, how do I learn to forget about him and stop blaming myself for driving him off. I keep being mad at myself. I know it's my fault he's gone. I scared him off by coming on as too attached or needy. I hate it. Help please. I feel sad and bad I ruined things with him! :(

He always ignores me, doesn't wanna talk to me anymore. I'm devastated because not only did I lose a guy I was dating that I really cared about, but I also lost a friend. he never talks to me anymore and ignores everything. I hate it. I blame it all on me


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  • Get dressed up, Go out, Have a good time. (You may wake up with a hangover but I can guarentee he won't be on your mind).

    • Thanks for answering. I just feel bad and guilty for doing too much, he must have been bothered by me or something I don't know. He never talks to me anymore and never answers my texts or messages anymore. he lost interest. I'll try to go out and forget about him but I am sure I won't ever meet a guy I liked as much as him. I have mutual friends with him so it hurts to see him around but him ignoring me all the time. I hate it... :/

    • Listen. You might think that you won't meet a guy that you liked as good as him, And I might sound like an old person when I say this, But you will meet somebody who you won't just like as much as him but you will also like more than him. I promise. You just gotta wait and have fun while you're still young.

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  • If you think you scared him...then probs it's just he doesn't know what he wants.

    give him sometime.

    it's never your fault to show your feelings.

    If he doesn't understand that you really do like him.

    leave. his loss.


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