He broke up with me- does he mean it?

So my boyfriend just broke up with me. He feels the age gap is too big and we just aren’t compatible. He did this on Saturday. He came round Saturday night and we hugged and he just said he couldn’t see it working long term. I’m absolutely heart broken.

Since then we have text a fair bit. We got to the stage where he said he was still sure. But he used ambiguous language saying things like “I don’t know” and “I think you’ll just get bored of me”. So I stopped texting. Then yesterday afternoon, I get texts from him with links to something he has been reading and wanted to share with me. That’s not fair. He can’t end things and then still want me in his life.

so I asked him if he was still sure that this is what he wants?

his reply

”I think so yes”

So I said night as there is nothing to say to that.

He texts back saying he is about to head to head to bed but gonna shave and make his lunch first. Then he said goodnight. Why text me that, just say night or don’t bother replying.

Maybe im desperate and clinging onto hope but he doesn’t sound convinced about his decision. What do you think?
He broke up with me- does he mean it?
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